Quantico (TV) // "Love and Great Buildings" & "Don't Speak For Me (True)" (Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness)

Tags: Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness // Quantico // ABC // TV Placements

Episode #216 of ABC's Quantico featured two songs by Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness.  

"Love and Great Buildings" plays over a montage. Alex and Shelby talk about Shelby connecting with Samar. Clay gets into bed with Maxine and apologizes for lying to her. Owen is nervous as he waits to meet Lydia. Shelby skypes with Samar. Ryan and Sasha continue their dinner date. As Sasha gets off duty, Ryan contemplates hacking her computer. Nimah packs her overnight bag. Alex gets a call from Harry and he tells her goodbye. The montage concludes as the camera pulls away from Harry on the phone, revealing that Sebastian is holding him at gunpoint.

"Don't Speak For Me (True)" plays as Clay wakes up with his fiance and then summons his team to the bunker, Ryan gets ready for the gym, and Owen receives a letter informing him that Lydia is allowed visitors in prison.

The episode aired on April 3, 2017.