Lucifer (TV) // "Fire" (Barns Courtney) // "Making Love To The Dead" (BEGINNERS) // "Lifetaker" (JC Autobody) // "Unraveling" (MILCK)

Tags: BEGINNERS // Danny Burke // JC Autobody // Jonathon Newby // Barns Courtney // TV Placements // Lucifer // Fox // Samantha Barbera

SONGS had a grand total of four placements in episode #218, the season finale, of FOX's Lucifer.

"Fire" by Barns Courtney opens the episode, playing as Charlotte staples her stab wound shut, drags Chet's burnt corpse across the floor, and calls someone to help her with the body.
"Making Love To The Dead" by BEGINNERS can be heard during an aerial shot of Los Angeles and concludes as Linda arrives at her office, only to find Charlotte already there, waiting for her.
"Lifetaker" by JC Autobody plays as Chloe tells Hector, Chet's brother, that Chet has been killed.
"Unraveling" by MILCK (SONGS writer Danny Burke) closes out the episode and the season itself, playing as Lucifer phones Chloe and tells her he'll tell her the truth about himself, only to be knocked unconscious and wake up in the desert with his wings.

The episode aired May 29, 2017.  Be sure to catch up on the series before season 3, airing on FOX.