iZombie (TV) // "Love Spell #7" (Correatown) // "Work This Thing Out" (Via Nivel) // "Blue Jean Baby" (Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue)

Tags: Andrew Heringer // nilu // Danny Burke // iZombie // The CW // TV Placements

SONGS had a grand total of three placements in episode #312 of The CW's iZombie.

"Love Spell #7" by Correatown (SONGS writer nilu) plays as Natalie gives Major a massage and things begin to get romantic.

"Work This Thing Out" by Via Nivel (SONGS writer Danny Burke) can be heard playing in a hotel bar as Liv locks eyes with a handsome man.

"Blue Jean Baby" by Madi Sipes & The Pained Blue (SONGS writer Andrew Heringer) is playing as Chase and Liv drink together in the bar, guessing at other patrons' occupations and talking about their sex fantasies. 

The episode aired June 20, 2017.