Shameless (TV) // "Come On Come On" (The Original Eyes) // "Trauma Jules (Jenny O.) // "Tied Up" (Little Ceremonies)

Tags: Little Ceremonies // Ryan Levine // Sydney Wayser // Jenny O. // Showtime // Shameless // TV Placements // The Original Eyes // John Pugh

SONGS had a total of three placements in episode #806 or Showtime's hit series, Shameless.  

"Come On Come On" by The Original Eyes plays as Fiona finds a dead Ms. Cardinal, Rusty, and her dog.  "Trauma Jules" by Jenny O. can be heard as Fiona starts to clean up and finds old photos of Ms. Cardinal.  Finally, "Tied Up" by Little Ceremonies is playing as Fiona looks through a dumpster outside Ms. Cardinal's apartment.

The episode aired December 10, 2017.