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BMW (Ad) // "Shake and Tremble" (Django Django) (Because Editions)
BMW (Ad) //
"Shake and Tremble" by Django Django (Because Editions) is featured in the new BMW spots for their Novemberfest promotion. Check out the spot below!

Download "Shake and Tremble" on iTunes.
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BMW X-5 (Ad) // Cointelpro (Datageist)
BMW X-5 (Ad) // Cointelpro (Datageist)
"Cointelpro" by Datageist (SONGS writer Cliff Magreta) is featured in the new ad for BMW X-5!

Cliff Magreta is also a member of Radio Freq and Minutes Til Midnight.
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BMW (Ad) // For You (Wolf Rider)
BMW (Ad) // For You (Wolf Rider)
"For You" by SONGS writers Wolf Rider is featured in a new commercial for the BMW X5. Watch it below! And listen to the full track here.

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