Take our expert Synch Staff and add one amazing suite of powerful tools. The result: the right music for your project, every time.

Finding the right song with SONGSearch is as easy as 1,2,3

Find Songs: Easy ways to find the right music

Intuitive Search

SONGSearch's search feature utilizes clear and intuitive parameters relevant to music supervisors to help you find the perfect sound for your project.

Keyword Expansion

SONGSearch's keyword search uses predictive synonym powered technology to intelligently expand your search by searching for related words and alternate phrasings. For example, when searching for "Beautiful Day", you'll get "Life is Good."


Hear it All

Browse our entire catalog. Try our Mixes to listen to music handpicked by our expert Synch Staff.


Once you've selected a song, SONGSearch's music player displays all available versions of the song (Vocal, Instrumental, Clean) and guides you to similar music. It also tells you where the key part of the song kicks in, when applicable.

Work With Songs: Save, Organize, Listen, and Share

Multi-task Your Music

With SONGSearch, there are a wide range of options for working with music right at your fingertips. When you find a song you like you can request a quote, download it, email it, or save it to a playlist, with one click from the player.

Create, Save, and Work With Playlists

Create multiple playlists to save songs for whatever projects you're working on. Add notes to songs. Edit, download, and email your playlists.


Share Songs

Email and download high-fidelity usable audio of every song. Share entire playlists or individual songs. Songs can be downloaded in either AIFF or MP3 format. Lyrics for songs can be viewed, copied and pasted.

Clear Songs: request Quotes Immediately

Complete Clearance Info

View, email, and download full clearance information for every song in our catalog (master, other publishers, etc.)


Request Quotes Immediately

Use SONGSearch's quick Quote Request form to get the clearance process going. Receive a response in 24 hours.